Hello world!

First post in my new blog…… what to say…hmmm…..well, i just came back from sm city with my best friend.  I havent seen her in 3 months so we had dinner at sbarro (baked ziti with mixed sauce…hmm….).  We ended up talking about stuff we have been doing for the past 3 months.  It took an hour to update me with the latest gossip and it took 5 minutes to tell her what i have been doing.  tsk tsk….. oh well, that’s life ….

I have this brilliant idea on how to lose weight, my tea diet.  I bought this kind of tea that is supposed to make you thinner and it has chinese characters which i cannot understand.  At first when you open the packet, it smells like kerosene…really, truly, promise.   Okay, so i poured water and the smell of paint grew stronger …hmm..(time out this might not be good for my liver) but no, i still went for it.  Even if my 5 senses and all my common sense tells me not to drink, for the sake of beauty, i will…and i did.  You know the feeling of drinking gasoline or diluted baygon…maybe tiodan (an insecticide banned for harmful effects on animals especially humans) ….that is exactly what i felt or imagined i would feel after drinking those corrosive substances.  For my first try, i drank 2 tall glasses of “hilo” erm slimming tea pala after feeling a little funny, i read the only english words on the packet ….”drink only one cup a day” erm…. shucks cge nalang

Moral lesson:  If you want to lose weight…exercise….


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