D’ Lucky Ones….. A critique

I can proudly say that watched this movie. This may sound baduy to everybody but I was actually looking forward to watching this film. It took me two weeks to find someone who would willingly watch this movie with me. It also amazed me that everyone of my friends became unavailable this week.

So today was the day that I dragged my sister into the cinema. Hey, blood is thicker than water. It must be my destiny to watch this movie because at Robinsons, it was buy 1 take 1 for movie tickets. So we ended up paying P60 for the both of us.

I really laughed so hard in this movie. Every Filipino can relate to this movie because there are a lot of Vilma Santos movie quotes. I cannot describe how funny this film is. With lines like “Yesterday minahal ko sya, Today patay na sya, Tomorrow….dadalawin ka nya” you can never go wrong. Hehehe. I give a two thumbs up for Eugene Domingo and Pokwang. Sandara Park also gave a good performance but she was drowned out by the two lead actresses. Joseph Bitangcol was another story, first his hair looked gross…hello the F4 era was over 2 years ago and his face was caked with foundation.

The story revolved around the Eugene and Pokwang being hardcore diehard Vilmanians, even the names of the cast was related to Vilma. For example, Eugene’s husband was named Doods (Edu Manzano), Sandara is Lucky Girl, Joseph is Luis/Lucky Boy, their new boytoy is named Ralph…hehe.

So if you don’t care what people say about you, watch this movie. It will tickle your funny bone and give you a new appreciation of Vilma Santos.


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