The Pittter-Patter of Father’s Feet

May 6th, 2006 at 5:04 pm

Today, Ma and Pa went to their prayer meeting, they left at 7:30 and arrived at 8:00. When they arrived, Ma went ahead and Pa parked the car. Okay, when Pa got out of the car, he noticed that he only had one shoe on. So, he searched the car and found no trace of the missing shoe. He thought for a minute, if he went down with only one shoe (he was in semi-formal clothes), he would look funny so he decided to go barefoot. He walked from the parking lot to the mall, only to find out that it was still closed. It would open at about 8:30 and it was only a little past 8:00. By, 8:30 he went up the mall, (his feet were making this *plak**plak* sound as claimed) he went up the escalator, acting cool even though he had no shoes on. He searched the place and all the shops inside the mall were still closed. When he spotted a saleslady opening a shoe shop, he immediately went inside and bought tsinelas.

    So later when I met up with father in the hotel lobby and there he was all formal and wearing islander tsinelas.

    When we got home in the afternoon, his lone shoe was found in the driveway.


My First Real Sale on Ebay

Today, I had my first real sale on ebay (selling ebooks for 10 pesos doesn’t count).  I sold my old Nokia 8250 for 10% of what I paid for it in the year 2000.  After exchanging emails about contact info and mode payment  from the buyer, we agreed to close the sale.  So today, I went to SM to  go the nearest Western Union outlet to find out that it closed there, so I just inquired about the shipping cost (shouldered by the buyer).  I then went in search for a Western Union outlet, and I passed by a bank which has a WU sign near Robinsons and I went inside, only to find out that they do not accept remittance on this particular day (grrr excited pa naman ako).   So I remembered that they have this big outlet in Robinsons so I went there.  When I finally got there, it was so easy to get the money, just fill out a small form and wait a moment for your name to be called, and voila! CASH!!.
After getting the money, with the phone at hand…Neneng and I went to KFC, I made libre because she drove me around today, its her reward (hehe).  After that I tried mailing it na and they wont accept it because they have no sealer.  Duh! Its their loss, turning away business because they lack some kind of machine.  What kind of forwarding company are they not to have that kind of vital piece of machine? Its their loss.  Anyway, I went back to SM and sent it thru another company, no questions asked.
As I left the shop, I felt okay, my transaction was complete, the phone was sent, I have my money na… until a little later when I felt this kind of loss.  I felt like I lost my arm or something.  I already missed my phone, I must not be ready to part ways with it.  I felt like a child not wanting to share her toys.  I then remembered why I sold the phone in the first place, it was just rotting away here and I wanted it to have a new home, somewhere where it would be of use again.  *sigh* Goodbye old friend, make me proud!
So I’ve learned something today,  I now know how to complete a sale on Ebay that requires shipping.  Which cargo service to use, payment options etc, stuff that would help me with my next sale (I have another phone on the bidding block).  Wahaha!

My Pet Toy!

Today, we finally decided on a name for our puppy.  We call her “bong” short for bongklok.  We took her to the vet this morning and she had her parvovirus shot and deworming.  I know that her deworming shot worked beacause she defecated a lot of worms, they look like bean sprouts!!

Anyway, im now listening to my favorite song in all the Final Fantasy Series, Eyes on me.

“My last night here for you, Same old songs just once more, My last night here with you?
Mayber yes, maybe no. I kinda liked it your way, How you shyly placed your eyes on me,
Did you ever know? That I had mine on you.”

I went to Cabatuan this evening to neng’s friend for their barangay fiesta.  They have this litter of the cutest black labrador puppies.  They all look like labradors even if their father is a german sheperd.  Hehe nice mix.  It takes a lot of work taking care of those pups, who will soon grow up to be monster dogs.

My day at the beach

Yesterday we went to Tito dan’s place in guimaras.  We left at about 7:50 am and got there 30 minutes later.  It took another hour to get to his place, in the middle of nowhere there stands this nice house with a beachfront..hmm.

We went boating, had lunch and I bravely went for a dip at the beach.  Well it took guts to swim at that beach, the water was ok but the sea floor was yucky.  I didnt like the texture of the sand, it was slimy, squishy and gross.

Picture Time!