My Pet Toy!

Today, we finally decided on a name for our puppy.  We call her “bong” short for bongklok.  We took her to the vet this morning and she had her parvovirus shot and deworming.  I know that her deworming shot worked beacause she defecated a lot of worms, they look like bean sprouts!!

Anyway, im now listening to my favorite song in all the Final Fantasy Series, Eyes on me.

“My last night here for you, Same old songs just once more, My last night here with you?
Mayber yes, maybe no. I kinda liked it your way, How you shyly placed your eyes on me,
Did you ever know? That I had mine on you.”

I went to Cabatuan this evening to neng’s friend for their barangay fiesta.  They have this litter of the cutest black labrador puppies.  They all look like labradors even if their father is a german sheperd.  Hehe nice mix.  It takes a lot of work taking care of those pups, who will soon grow up to be monster dogs.


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