The Pittter-Patter of Father’s Feet

May 6th, 2006 at 5:04 pm

Today, Ma and Pa went to their prayer meeting, they left at 7:30 and arrived at 8:00. When they arrived, Ma went ahead and Pa parked the car. Okay, when Pa got out of the car, he noticed that he only had one shoe on. So, he searched the car and found no trace of the missing shoe. He thought for a minute, if he went down with only one shoe (he was in semi-formal clothes), he would look funny so he decided to go barefoot. He walked from the parking lot to the mall, only to find out that it was still closed. It would open at about 8:30 and it was only a little past 8:00. By, 8:30 he went up the mall, (his feet were making this *plak**plak* sound as claimed) he went up the escalator, acting cool even though he had no shoes on. He searched the place and all the shops inside the mall were still closed. When he spotted a saleslady opening a shoe shop, he immediately went inside and bought tsinelas.

    So later when I met up with father in the hotel lobby and there he was all formal and wearing islander tsinelas.

    When we got home in the afternoon, his lone shoe was found in the driveway.


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