Paranoid-Stupid-Lame Old Freaks

Going through my old things, I saw my old project from high school, it is from my Filipino class, we were supposed to write a diary and have it checked everyday. Well, I called my diary “diary for us rejects”. Naturally it was covered with black paint and silverchair pictures in front. Well, when I read my entries, I can’t believe that I was so retarded back then. No wonder I flunked Filipino and barely passed high school…hehe.

Here are some entries from the said diary: (originally in tagalog)

Legend: Ben = Ben Gillies from silverchair

Daniel = Daniel johns from silverchair

Roger = from the defunct boy band Code Red

July 9, 1997

Dear Diary,

I saw the real Ben and im soo happy. I was so shocked that he shaved his head and gave me his hair. I love that jerk. Im happily helping out here at home and studying hard. Im happy with my friends but they don’t know that im meeting with ben.

July 10, 1997

Dear Diary

I have a lot of tests today but I did not study last night. My friends still don’t know that im meeting ben. They think I’m with Roger. I don’t like roger anymore and I don’t see him at all. Im happy with ben.

July 11, 1997

Its been a few days since Muriel hasn’t been talking to me. I think she knows about us and ben. I better avoid ben. She was told by Daniel that I was seeing ben

July 12, 1997

I don’t want trouble. I avoid ben but he keeps following me. Muriel must not know about this. She might get angry. Im now studying and ben helps me with my math. He is my tutor.

July 13, 1997

Im happy because my friends and I don’t fight. I got high grades in school. The acquaintance party is near and I don’t have a dress yet. Ben is soo cute. Another world, another time, another place don’t you worry my benny. Muriel is happy with her “bestfriend” Daniel. I wonder what the real score is between them. I hope Muriel is not angry with me.


Maybe I was making those thing up to entertain my Filipino teacher. Naturally my diary is covered with silverchair pictures and xmen drawing. What was I thinking back then!! Ugh! But that book is good for a laugh. Maybe I was champagne supernova-ing somewhere when I wrote that. “someday you will find me caught up in a landslide in a champagne supernova in the sky” I miss my old friends, Frances, Muriel, Lesly, June Ann, Reysild…..but you and I will never die the world still spins around I don’t know why…



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