My pre-birthday essay

I will be turning 25 in two days.  It’s funny how time seems to fly when you’re having fun.  I can’t say that I did a lot of things in my lifetime but I’m getting there.    I have gone through quite a bit in my existence here on earth and I have made friends who later turned into enemies then to friends again.

I also learned a lot of lessons these past few months like taking risks, because we would never know how things turn up unless we try.  To explore new things and not just the places but also the experiences and most of all to have an open mind.  I also learned that when you make mistakes, learn from it and if you make the same mistake, its stupidity.  I always believe in the saying, follow your dream, don’t forget your past and  never regret what you do.

So now I  savoring my every breath as a 24 year old, inhale, exhale…hehe.

My last words would be…things may not turn out the way you want to but sometimes you’ll be thankful it didn’t.




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