Adjustment Period

I’m still having trouble eating.  My palate and gums are sore.  I hate these molar spacer thingy.  I wish, I wish….well I can’t wish it back because my teeth are already pulled out.  I’m waiting for Saturday, which I think will bring me more pain.  I can relate pain to my orthodontist now.  I wish I did not complain this much but im really uncomfortable.


Round two

I came in for the second wave of teeth extraction, my right 1st upper and lower molars.  Oh Joy! The left side of my face feels like it has been hit by a brick and knocked out all my teeth, well two of them anyway.  So, the same spine chilling procedure was done.  I would never want to have my teeth pulled out again.  When I smile, I look so toothless (from the side).  My braces were supposed to be put on Wednesday but I still would like more time for my sore gums to heal. So Saturday would be my date with the orthodontist.  In the meantime, I have these irritating molar spacer/expander things which are like round rubber doughnuts placed between my molars. It feels like you are chewing on something all the time. 

The of Point of No Return

I went back to my orthodontist today, she had a wild turkey surprise in store for me, pull out 4 of my third molars!! WTF!! wait a minute, pull out perfectly healthy normal teeth, no way!! i asked if the was any other way, she said she could pull my first molars (well some have cavities in them anyway) gosh, so i chose the lesser evil, she said she would pull out two of my teeth today.  Doubtfully i sat on her chair, she put some topical ointment on my gums, then the most scariest part (im scared stiff of hypodermic needles to be used on me)  (but im comfortable to use that needle on other people) I thought i almos fainted when i felt that push of the needle…no more please.  Then the actual pulling out was not so bad, except for the sound of my tooth being pried and twisted loose (it is not a pleasant sound) and then the same was done on the lower tooth.  Looking at the mirror was not a very pleasant sight.

My Dentist’s revelation

I went with my sister to get her braces today.  When she went to the Ortho to have then installed, I also had my teeth consulted, turned out,  I would need braces to…bummer!  The picture of Ugly Betty in her green Gudalajara poncho immediately flashed in my mind.  On the other hand, I also thought that fixing my teeth would reap lifelong benefits….hmmm its a debate between vanity and the greater good of my teeth.  For now, just had some of my cavities filled (havent been to a dentist in 7 years).