Etude House I Need You Honey! Wash Off Pack

I tried this wash off pack that was included in my gift with purchase kit.  I was excited because i liked my first etude house pearl essence mask.  I had two packets included in my dry sauna kit and i tried the red ginseng first.  When you open the packet, you can see a honey colored product that is sticky and thick.  It smelled very organic and medicine-like.  I really don’t like this smell, it reminds me of old cosmetic products.  When I applied it, it felt like I was rubbing petroleum jelly on my face and I only used used half of the packet because it was already dripping down my chin.

After waiting for 10 minutes, I was finally able to wash it off.  I was difficult to wash it off because it was thick and felt greasy. My skin felt softer afterwards and supposedly “infused with honey and medicinal herbs”.  It’s not one of my favorite masks and I don’t think i’ll be trying this again.




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