Etude House Bubble Color Review


Its been a while since I last colored my hair and the roots are already showing. So I thought it was time to do some DIY hair coloring. I chose the etude house bubble color for its cute packaging and the promise of its no mess application.

What you get:
1. Gloves, cape and instructions in Korean.
2. Developer in a cute bubble container.
3. Color in a disposable pink pouch.
4. Hair treatment in a sachet.

So after putting the color in the developer, I wore my cape and gloves and let the fun begin. I pumped out the white foam which has a slight ammonia smell, I thought it would smell different because it came in such a cute packaging. It didnt bother me that much. After I finished dumping the whole bottle on my head, my hair was all covered with foam.
After waiting for 45 minutes, my hair felt cooked so i washed it off and beheld my light brown hair. I was not floored with the results after all the hype ive heard but the color was mediocre.

Would I try this again? Yes! Because the stuff inside the box looks really fun



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