Segunda Mano

This is my first MMFF movie for this year.  I was expecting to be scared stiff because im extremely scared of ghost.  As the film started, I was enjoying the building up of the story.  When it was time for the scary stuff, I was not scared at all.  Who would be afraid of such a pretty ghost as angelica panganiban? The story has some twists and turns but you would suspect who did the “crime” from the beginning.  This time its the ghost who helps the leading characters instead of scaring them.  The ending was sort of “pilit” because they tried to tie it all up just like that.  I enjoyed Jhong H. as the security guard across the street from Kris.  He seemed to be guarding Kris more than his post.  I think that haunted red bag should be a popular buy next year, hehehe.  It just keeps coming back.

It was relaxing to watch this movie, not scary enough for me because I had slept the whole night last night.  People should just go and watch to support the local movie economy.


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