Horn Rubber Stand Review

I want to show you my new geeky/dorky toy.  Its the Horn Rubber Stand for the Iphone 4 /4s.  It does look a little funny and I would not dare use it in public…… BUT…..It really works and it does not need any batteries.

This little baby comes in six colors from CDR king.  You can get it in white, red, pink, yellow, blue and black.  I wanted to get the pink one but when I tried it out, the rubber seemed weak and toppled my phone over.  I tried the black one and it seemed to be made of tougher stuff.  The yellow one was quite sturdy so I got that one for a shot of color.

The base and the hold is detachable for easier storage and handling.

The  Horn Stand acoustically amplifies the sound from the built-in speaker of your iPhone by more than double. Without requiring any external power source or batteries, you and your friends can enjoy music and videos 13 decibels louder.

The silicone iPhone Horn Stand can rest horizontally or vertically and features a slot for access to the dock connector.

My last words for this, It’s a nice speaker thingy that will earn its place in my bathroom.  I looove it!  It costs P80 in CDR King but if you want to buy the original one its P990.  …..best of all, no batteries needed.


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