Wide Angle Jelly Lens Review

I got this really fun Wide Angle Jelly Lens today.  It gave me hours of fun!!  The photo tends to look blurred and it give you that “green ring” around the photo but its soo fun.  This tiny detachable lens sticks to your phone but i would recommend that you test it out first.  I had to go through two units before one stuck to my phone.  This give you that special wide angle effect that expands your field of vision.  I warn you that this is not for taking good quality photos.  The green ring is kind of disturbing and dulls the quality of the photo but for its price of P80 at CDR king, its quite decent. The lens just keep falling off because the sticky ring does not work properly.  I just hold it in place and remove it after my shot.   For more quality pictures, better try the Olloclip but prepare to pay the premium price of $65.

Sample shots taken with my iphone 4s, take note of how it decreases the quality of the photos.


I’d rather have this plastic lens that i’d only use once in a blue moon.


2 thoughts on “Wide Angle Jelly Lens Review”

    1. There are five variants:
      1. 6 image lens
      2. 3 image lens
      3. Wide angle
      4. Close up
      5. Starburst

      Its now at 40 pesos each, just don’t expect too much on the quality though. Its just some cheap plastic fun 🙂 and yes this was used on an iphone.

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