Flash Sale? Oh go suck an egg.

I recently have been on the prowl for a new power bank as my old one went kinda loco on me.  It will charge any other USB device…..except for my phone.  So little old me went on the hunt.

I heard about this upcoming Chinese brand Xiaomi and read great reviews coming from mostly Chinese citizens.  I did more research and found out that its now yet available here in the Philippines.  I dug a little deeper and learned that they will have a flash sale at Lazada.ph on Sept. 4 (today).

I decided to get the 10200mAh one for the whopping price tag of…tan tanan nan….P645.  So I set the alarm for 11:30 am, pulled out the picture of my chubby niece, kissed it for luck, placed it in front of the computer screen and waited for that infamous flash sale that sells out in 10 seconds.emma lucky charm

11:30 am …..camped out in front of the screen

11:40 am got my cards and payment details ready, kissed the picture of the niece again

11:50 am the quickest lunch of my life

11:53 back in front of the screen

11:59 am Bring it!

12:00 noon Got in up to the checkout screen for the Mi 10200 mAh power bank……until i was about to click the final payment button then it flashed sold out! Damn you LAZADA!

My mind reeled and went into Plan B mode, BUY THE 5200 mAh one!!mi-powerbank

Click here, click there…….

Finally bought the smaller one for the amazing price of….wait for it……P445 plus P99 shipping .  Maybe that was all I really needed.  Come to think of it, one charge is all I would ever need when im out.

Can’t wait for it to arrive!

P.S. I’m thinking that I got sucked in into all of this flash sale hype, i even feel great that I snagged one.  Wait, I don’t feel just great, i’m buzzin’ ….. and that is all part of the experience.  Mwah!