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Missing U Hand Cream Baby Bee Story


Product Description:

Our endangered animal friends are rapidly becoming extinct from the planet…
I really want to see you… I miss you!
Formulated with natural mixture of herbs, Honey and floral fragrance to moisturize, heal and soothe hands. *This product was not tested on animals*


  • 30ml / 1.01 fl.oz.
  • Baby Bee Story
  • Citrys Baby Powder blossom Scent
  • Moisture & Nourishment Care
  • No paraben, No sulphate, No ethanol, No color

The cream comes in a cute container that looks like a baby bee/ larva. It’s green and contains 30ml. It has a thick and creamy consistency, like a balm. It smells like Citrus but not too strong.



Minime Perfume Stick Ms. Twinkle


I have been eyeing this perfume stick ever since etude opened in our local mall.  MiniME Perfumed Stick is a solid fragrance stick available in five unique fragrances.  I got the miss twinkle which is a fruity floral scent which i love.


It isn’t as long staying as I want it to be.  The fragrance stay 1-2 hours after applying it.


What I like is that it is not messy to put on and it can fit easily in my bag.  I would definitely buy again….

Drawing Show Creamy Liner

Product Detail


Etude House Drawing Show Creamy Liner : Cream eyeliner with intense color and smooth texture adheres to supply waterproof definition and enhanced eye expression.

Comes with brush.


1. Use brush to gather makeup.
2. Trace line along upper and lower eye lines with dabbing motion.
3. For stronger lokk,trace thick lines along upper and lower eye lines in one motion.



Price: P498


I like this new eyeliner from etude house.  It come with its own brush and it applies well.  The eyeliner doesn’t smudge after wearing it all day and I super like the packaging.


This is the eyeliner brush which has a cap that can be also used as a handle.




This is the eyeliner on me at 8pm, this was applied earlier in the day at 9am.

Would i buy again? Yah! unless they release a new cream liner

Etude House Collagen Moistfull Cream Set


Moisturizing and tightening cream improves complextion look and feel with concentrated baobab tree extract and collagen formula. Concentrated baobab tree + collagen content for advanced moisturizing and tightening. Supplies noticeably tightened sensation and results baobab tree + collagen combination improves dermal structure and moisture retention.

Skin Type

For All Skin Type

Main Product : Moistfull Collagen Cream (50ml)

  • Moist and rich textured facial cream supplies complexion lift and hydration with moistrue and collagen treatment.

The Gift set includes:

1. Moistfull Collagen First Essence (15ml)

  • Hydrating moisture essence’s 90% Collagen composition lifts and tightens complexion to promote a radiant glow.


  • Dispense onto hands and apply to facial surface by gently massaging into skin.

2. Moistfull Collagen Essential Massage (5ml)

  • Formulated with Baobab Tree and Marine Collagen to moisturize and tighten complexion and promote youthful glow.


  • Dispense onto hands and apply to facial surface by gently massging onto skin.
  • Gently massage skin for several minutes then wipe off with facial tissue and wash with warm water.


  • For external use only.
  • Avoid contact with eyes.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Discontinue use if signs of irriation and/or rash appear.

Etude House I Need You Honey! Wash Off Pack

I tried this wash off pack that was included in my gift with purchase kit.  I was excited because i liked my first etude house pearl essence mask.  I had two packets included in my dry sauna kit and i tried the red ginseng first.  When you open the packet, you can see a honey colored product that is sticky and thick.  It smelled very organic and medicine-like.  I really don’t like this smell, it reminds me of old cosmetic products.  When I applied it, it felt like I was rubbing petroleum jelly on my face and I only used used half of the packet because it was already dripping down my chin.

After waiting for 10 minutes, I was finally able to wash it off.  I was difficult to wash it off because it was thick and felt greasy. My skin felt softer afterwards and supposedly “infused with honey and medicinal herbs”.  It’s not one of my favorite masks and I don’t think i’ll be trying this again.



Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream All Day Strong

Etude House reformulated their precious mineral bb cream into an all day strong version and I decided to try it.  It’s my second BB cream purchase and im still loving the first one.

This one claim to have 3 efficacies (as written on the box)

1. UV protection

2. Whitening

3. Anti-wrinkle

Price: P728

The BB cream comes in a tube with a pump.  Its nice and it feels extremely lightweight on my skin and gives my skin a very healthy glow.  The product is not very thick and is easy to apply to skin.  It dries to a powdery matte finish.  I would definitely buy again because its kinda cheap for a 60 ml tube.

Gifts With Purchase

Im such a sucker for gifts with purchases!!  Gift with purchase is meant to encourage people to purchase items, in order to receive a free gift.  In my new favorite store, they tend to sucker people into buying more to get cute stuff like this set which you can get for buying P2,000 worth of stuff.  I cant resist the pink packaging!! waah!

Note to self: Stay away from all that pink stuff.