My year as an RNheals Nurse

January 17, 2011

My year started when a friend called me to apply online for the RNheals program. I entered my name, prc id number and answered a few questions, the rest was history.

February 8, 2011

While looking through my spam mail, I found a forwarded message asking me to report for an interview and to bring my registration letter, credentials, resume and a medical certificate given by a government doctor.

February 10, 2011

I came to the DOLE office really early, I signed the attendance sheet for my designated town and waited. After a few minutes my name was called and I was interviewed. I was asked if I was willing to be assigned to
far and poor communities. Of course I said yes! The interviewer told me to report for briefing on February 14.

February 14-15, 2011

I went to the hotel where we were told what the program was about, how much we were going to be paid and what are the requirements. We were told we were to receive P8,000 from the national government and P2,000 from the local govenment. We were issued a Landbank Cash Card, Philhealth and GSIS insurance. We were also issued an official RNheals Resourcebook. We were also told where we were assigned, I was assigned in the hospital for the first 6 months of the program along with 4 other nurses.

February 16, 2011

There were 11 of us who were assigned to the hospital. We came really early and went to the chief nurse’s office. We brought our appointment letter. The assistant chief nurse was confused that we came. They were not aware that nurses will be deployed in their hospital. We were directed to the conference room for our orientation.

February 16 – August 15, 2011

The Hospital.

We were assigned to four different areas in accordance to the MNCHN Program. The OPD, Ob-Gyne Ward, Pedia Ward and the Operating Room.
I was thankful that I was assigned in the hospital first. It was better to get the hard part over with first. The last time I had my duty in the hospital was 5 years ago. My nursing skills were really rusty and I had to ask a lot of questions from my co-workers. I became re-acquainted with my nursing skills and I was doing ok after a few weeks. I sometimes had problems with other nurses because our status was
in between the staff nurses and the volunteer nurses because we had our allowance. Some problems also arose when we first passed our monthly journal and monitoring tool. We found it very difficult to have our documents signed because of the chief nurse’s busy schedule. This caused the delay of our monthly alllowance. We also had to adjust to our superiors and be very careful with out medications. We also learned to take care of patients with common and some rare clinical conditions. In our 6 months of clinical experience, we have learned to give safe and quality nursing carr with focus on medication, infection control, emergency/first aid/basic life support and IV therapy.

August 16 2011 – February 14, 2012

The Rural Health Unit.

On the first day if duty in the RHU, the five of us wore white. We then were introduced to our Municipal Health Officer and she advised us to wear scrub suits because the children were afraid of our white uniform. We were oriented to our duties and we started right away. We participated in the giving of MMR vaccines to far off communities in our town as well as the local schools. We participate in the monitoring of the 4P’s by weighing them every month as well as BP monitoring of the mothers. Everyday we conduct health teachings to parents and children to correct their misconceptions about health practices. We give out Tetanus Toxoid immunizations to dogbite patients and those with open wounds. We help in the monitoring of diseases for the FHSIS. We also refer our patients for further management to their hospital of choice.

We are about to end our year of deployment and we have learned so much. I am now ready to face the next hurdle which is finding a stable job with a sustainable income. I hope that my nursing experience will be an asset in looking for a new job.


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